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The Different Methods of Harvesting and Drying Kratom

When plants reach the initial threshold of harvest maturity at approximately 1 year of age, the farmer’s role transitions from that of nurturer and protector to harvester and processor. Farmers can glean leaves when plants are younger and smaller also, because some of the flavonoids and other desirable compounds begin to develop efficacy from the […]

What is Kratom Pasteurization

Big Country Botanicals uses every tool at our disposal to supply clean, premium Kratom powder and capsules. This process includes screening our exporters overseas, independent, third-party lab testing on our Kratom, and adhering to American Kratom Association’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). All of our suppliers overseas have the products pasteurized and when the product […]

What is Stagnant Strain Syndrome?

Stagnant strain syndrome is a term used to describe how a single strain of kratom can lose its potency over time. The kratom community coined this term in order to describe one of the more unusual types of kratom tolerance. To better understand stagnant strain syndrome, let’s look at a white vein maeng da kratom user. This individual ingests […]

How to Make Red Bubble

Big Country Botanicals wants to help you supercharge your order of Kratom Here is a recipe for Red Bubble What You Need: A freezer proof container Our Kratom Lemon Juice or other acidic juices such as lime juice, pickle juice, apple cider vinegar, citric acid, other vinegars Distilled Water, boiling Your Freezer Instructions: Start with […]