What is Kratom Pasteurization

Big Country Botanicals uses every tool at our disposal to supply clean, premium Kratom powder and capsules. This process includes screening our exporters overseas, independent, third-party lab testing on our Kratom, and adhering to American Kratom Association’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

All of our suppliers overseas have the products pasteurized and when the product arrives, we at Big Country Botanicals UV Sanitize and sift each batch, then it is sent for lab testing.

How Does Pasteurization Work?

Pasteurization directs the application of heat for a set period of time.  How or why is this treatment effective at reducing bacteria and other pathogens in organic material like beer, wine, milk, and even Kratom powder?


  • Any & all bacteria rely on enzymes for biological functions. Enzymes can be thought of as substances within the cell that are needed for respiration, metabolism, and other simple cellular activities.
  • Enzymes are most usable to bacteria when the environment is at a temp between 40-140 degrees fahrenheit. This explains, at least in part, why food that is frozen (reaching 32 degrees fahrenheit or lower) is effectively safeguarded from the development of harmful bacteria.
  • When the temperature exceeds 140 degrees fahrenheit, the enzymes within the bacteria undergo a process called denaturation.
  • Denatured bacteria almost immediately become dead bacteria. They can’t function. This is why boiling water and cooking food essentially ‘cleans’ it before consumption.

How Does UV Sanitation Work?

Ultraviolet Light (UV) is a way to sterilize surfaces or substances like Kratom powder. Interestingly, UV radiation is highly effective at killing some kinds of viruses and other pathogens, but it has numerous limitations.

At Big Country Botanicals we use Thermal Radiation.  This solution works much differently, penetrating the heat much, much better than traditional UV light does.  This type of heat can be measured by a thermometer, where it is impossible to guarantee it with UV light.

For these reasons, using heat as a way to reduce microbial loads in our Kratom at Tea Time Botanicals is a much more preferred way compared to UV sterilization.

Big Country Botanicals is dedicated to the safety and quality of our products. For more info please email: customerservice@bigcountrybotanicals.com

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