Big Country Botanicals

We at Big County Botanicals take safety very seriously. We, like most vendors, purchase vein colors instead of strains. For Example: White Vein, Green Vein & Red Vein. From those colors we mix each strain. We’ve all heard those clever marketing gimmicks, like “Red Borneo – Comes Only from mature leaves along the Borneo River.”

Well, Folks, that is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Think of strains as you would recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. This is also another reason why strains may drastically vary from vendor to vendor.

We stand behind the safety and quality of all of our products. We UV Sanitize each color as well as batch test each vein. This allows us to not only guarantee the safety of our products but also allows us to continue to carry a wide array of strains, and maintain stock at all times. Rest assured, everything we do, we do with our consumers in mind.

Green Kratom BCG100

Hirsuta BCH100

Javanica BCJ100

Red Kratom BCR100

White Kratom BCW100